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hat is a Blue Card EU / EU Blue Card … what is a blue card?
* The Blue Card Blue Card is since 2012 a new residence permit for Germany.

Given the shortage of skilled workers in Germany are highly qualified foreigners can easily take from non-EU countries in the future for a job. The Bundestag approved the implementation of the European Union (EU) of highly qualified directive for the new law with the residence permit “Blue Card”.

Who can get a Blue Card? 
With the EU Blue Card, foreign skilled workers and professionals with a German or a recognized foreign university degree in Germany looking for a job.

Do you have to apply for the EU Blue Card / Visa prior to entry?
Yeah! The entry into Germany is governed by the immigration regulations currently in force. After the application for the EU Blue Card must be submitted to Germany before traveling to nationals of most third countries.The responsible authority is the respective German mission abroad. > You can find it here <

How can you apply for a Blue Card?
A Blue Card EU can apply for a foreign national of a non-EU country for Germany when he
first a German or a recognized foreign university degree or comparable foreign degree and has
2 has an employment contract with an annual gross salary of at least € 50800 (4234 € per month). Or in the separate shortage occupations such as (natural scientists, mathematicians, engineers, doctors and IT specialists) can show in the amount of € 39624 (3302 € per month).

Visa / Blue Card EU also possible without a job?
If you have not yet found a job in Germany, then you can with a recognized university degree obtain a visa for a job for up to six months after Germany, to look for work.

It is important that you demonstrably have enough money to ensure your livelihood in the entire period of stay, for a job, you may not engage in this time.
If you have a corresponding work found, you can at the clerk’s office of their place of residence the necessary apply for EU Blue Card or a residence permit and remain without emigrate before.

Where can I apply for a visa / Blue Card?
your visa, you must apply before entering your home country. The application you submitted to the German Embassy or Consulate / Embassy or Consulate in your country of origin .

How long is a Blue Card EU / EU Blue Card valid?
, the Blue Card EU / EU Blue Card is valid for more than four years initially.
Should your employment be limited, consisting ie less than four years, as is the Blue Card EU / Blue Map EU for the duration of the work contract plus three months left! Get a connection contract or new job, so these can be renewed or granted a permanent residence permit.

When can you get a residence permit in Germany?
Foreign nationals who possess a Blue Crad EU and in an employment relationship, can apply for a permanent residence permit in the clerk’s office of your residence after 33 months.
If you already after 21 months have good German language skills at level B1 have, so they can apply for a permanent residence.

Can family members of Blue Card holders also work in Germany?
family members of holders of an EU Blue Card may without waiting operate fully in Germany.

Do family members before entering possess German language skills?
The Spouses is not contingent upon proof of German language skills or other integration measures dependent. Even basic German language skills are not necessary for the spouse, but should even be present for better integration for the person.

Can Blue Card holders migrate further in another EU country?
Yes. Owner of a Blue Card EU have after 18 months stay in Germany the right to further migrate to another EU country.

If the residence in other EU states count towards permanent residence?
, the foreign national with a Blue Card EU has already stayed in Andren EU Member States that are dwell times for obtaining a permanent right of residence in Germany can be mitangerechnet.

Can the Blue Card for a longer stay outside the EU lost?
No – when the Blue Card holder for twelve months is located outside the EU, thereby not lose the right of residence in Germany or the EU.

Does a visa procedures are performed in the resettlement within the EU?
Will continue to wander a foreign national within the EU, this is possible in almost all EU countries without another visa. Information given and the clerk’s office of their city. The application can be made ​​at home. In Germany the application within one month of the entry into Germany must be submitted.